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Dear Society

I found this poem on tumblr and couldn’t help but share it to you all. Society has a big impact on people’s views, opinions and thoughts. It helps shape stereotypes and judgement which really doesn’t help those who suffer from mental health problems. The poem explores how society impacted one girl’s decision to submit to social recommendations and how eventually it made her lose control and take her own life.

You told her if she wore that dress,

she’d be the prettiest of all,

you told her she should wear high heels,

because she needed to be tall.

You told her how to cut her hair,

and how much skin to show,

you told her exactly what to wear,

“trust me because I know!”

You told her if she wanted boys,

she had to change her ways,

you told her to wear make-up,

because plain skin’s not okay.

You told her who she could love,

that anything different was wrong,

but you made her feel secluded,

like she would never belong.

She hated wearing dresses,

and she couldn’t walk in heels,

she couldn’t live to your standards,

and all of your ideals.

So you told her what she felt,

was the furthest from the truth,

she couldn’t be depressed,

because she was in her youth.

You told her she was a freak,

that she never would fit in,

but then you told her nothing,

as she pressed a blade up to her skin.

And once she had decided,

that you would tell her nothing more,

you wish you’d told the truth,

as she collapsed onto the floor.

She didn’t need the make-up,

that just being her was fine,

she could wear what made her happy,

that she could not be defined.

Then when you came to realise,

that she never knew you cared,

you wish that you’d have told her,

the world was better with her there…