Remembering Claire

This week, the world lost a beautiful angel. An angel that campaigned for better mental health despite her own struggles. An angel that fought so hard until the very end but who eventually got called to Heaven because the angels needed her more.

I met Claire in 2015 at a Fixers UK event – a charity that changed both our lives and gave us a voice. We were put in a group to walk around Cardiff and spread hugs and love for the Hugs for Stephen event. Armed with stickers and smiles, Claire, Alex and myself walked around encouraging strangers to hug one another and be kind. Afterwards, Claire and myself went for a brief shopping spree. We looked at the stationary in paper chase and I laugh now remembering having to drag Claire away from the shop because it was her favourite and she didn’t want to spend too much money!


Claire fought a tremendous battle with mental health problems – particularly Anorexia Nervosa. We shared together our struggles of Anorexia and learning about her campaign work encouraged me to keep going with my own campaigning and awareness. I am sat here staring at this screen with no idea how to put into words how I feel. Claire did so much for everybody in this life and I can only hope that she has found peace now in the ropes of Heaven. She deserves every ounce of happiness and love.

If love alone could’ve saved you, you never would have died.


If you’re concerned that you or someone you love may have an eating disorder, watch for these early warning signs of anorexia:

  • refusal to eat
  • denial of hunger, even when starving
  • difficulty concentrating
  • obsession with body size and shape
  • skipping meals
  • making excuses for not eating
  • eating only a few certain foods considered safe, usually those low in fat and calories
  • adopting meal or eating rituals, such as cutting food into tiny pieces or spitting food out after chewing
  • weighing food
  • cooking elaborate meals for others but refusing to eat

Love you, Claire. Always.

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