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100 Reasons to Stay Alive

Suicidal thoughts make every minute of the day a struggle. We are often left questioning why we are still here and what the future holds for us. We wonder how we can keep living a life that has been so hard. We wonder if we’ll ever get better and get the help we need. Mental health problems can be frustrating, isolating, and deathly.

However, there are people out there who understand and want to help. Here are 100 reasons as to why you should stay alive if you’re currently struggling!

  1. to have hugs that last more than a minute
  2. a smile from someone special
  3. melted chocolate
  4. ice cream on a hot day
  5. adventures with friends
  6. recovery
  7. stargazing
  8. watching a sunset
  9. laughing uncontrollably
  10. you’ve made it this far
  11. building forts
  12. eating fresh baked cookies
  13. bonfires and hoodies
  14. graduation
  15. pregnancy and new life
  16. finding a person you love
  17. late night adventures
  18. overcoming fears
  19. dancing in the rain
  20. walking through the countryside
  21. making friends with nature
  22. life is beautiful
  23. movie nights
  24. foot massages
  25. saturday mornings
  26. you have forever to be dead
  27. to be happy one day
  28. you’re beautiful
  29. you can make a huge difference on the world
  30. moving to a new place
  31. getting a pet
  32. new clothes at summer
  33. dancing without care
  34. picnics with friends
  35. long drives
  36. waking up late
  37. to prove them all wrong
  38. to love and be loved
  39. the ocean
  40. very loud music
  41. days out
  42. watching a concert/play
  43. reading your favourite book
  44. conversations that last all night
  45. to plan for the future
  46. to learn new things
  47. you are important
  48. christmas morning
  49. someday the pain will end
  50. warm baths
  51. the first snow of winter
  52. first kisses
  53. sand between your toes
  54. flowers in spring
  55. pyjamas after a hard, long day
  56. new bed sheets
  57. water balloon fights
  58. thrill of roller coasters
  59. meeting your favourite celebrities
  60. fireflies
  61. icecream
  62. days spent outside
  63. the sound of water
  64. visiting a place from childhood
  65. all the places you’ve never been
  66. music whilst driving
  67. to look back at all the shit you got through
  68. buying new clothes
  69. meeting internet friends in real life
  70. to succeed
  71. to work in the career you’ve always wanted
  72. baby laughter
  73. sleep
  74. a hot cup of tea
  75. rules to break
  76. to help someone
  77. smiling at strangers
  78. dreams
  79. the last day of school/work
  80. taking pictures
  81. brownies
  82. bubbles
  83. water slides
  84. going on holiday
  85. to fall asleep on someone
  86. to be protected
  87. to grow
  88. to make new memories
  89. to look back on old memories
  90. to laugh at childhood pictures
  91. sit with animals and nature
  92. to be loved by a pet
  93. swimming on a hot day
  94. the first signs of autumn
  95. to binge-watch a series
  96. to live independently
  97. to get somewhere in life
  98. to breathe
  99. to grow
  100. so that you can say that you’re alive



7 thoughts on “100 Reasons to Stay Alive

  1. I feel like a let down compared to my sibling and that i can never be loved as much as she is. i feel hated and that no one loves or cares about me. or at least i did. until i met my best friend. she pulled me up and kept me up. she picked me up when fell. and slowly but surely im becoming happier. i guess you just have to find that special someone who makes you feel like your needed and loved and cared about. my cousin recently passed away at the age of 13 and i felt i couldnt live without him but then i realized i would put the people aroundd me in pain and my best friend would be lonely and sad. Your going to die at some point. why not live life to the fullest before then. Theres always someone out there for you.


  2. I have had depression since i was 6. I never really knew what it was. I was always sad or angry and i felt that i could never be happy. when i turned 17 i thought about taking my life. I akways intended to on my 17th birthday. but then i thought of all the happy memories in life. i thought of my friends and family. and how they finally after 17 years made me feel happy and wanted and loved and cared for. As Millie Montgomery said “you just have to find the person that makes your life absolutely untakeable” 2 years ago my sister was killed in a school shooting and i thought it would never be the same and it wasnt the same. i miss her so muh and i have dreams about her every night. I understand how it feels to feel alone. but you should never take your own life or think about it. when i did i thought for a second. i dont believe in god. but i do believe in a story my nana told me before she passed away. she used to tell me… “Heaven is where the angels who lived a life without suicide or murder or lies go. But if you commit suicide or you kill someone or you bully or even lie too much you go to hell. There once was a man named Christopher. He lived a life without any of these and he still went to hell. He asked god why he went to hell and god replied with you lost so many people in your life that when it was your time to die you thought about all the loss you experianced and you thought that you wanted to die. so if you didnt die u would have commited suicide. Cjristopher understood and nana said that god put him in heaven after that because he left his lesson.” so if you commit suicide or try to then learn your lesson aparently god will forgive you and send you to heaven. this was long comment so sorry. i appriciate this website. uh… peace


  3. I have ALWAYS felt like so little compared to my sister. She was and has always been good at everything and she makes my parents proud, although she has had disagreements and bumps with them she was always so….perfect. She is so beautiful, so smart, her smile can stop a whole crowd, and she has everything that i wish i had. Everyday that i wake up until i go to sleep i always compare myself to her because i know that i could never be as good of a daughter as she is. I try my best to be positive all the time, how i used to be, but it’s so hard to be happy now. My family always tell me that I’m acting different and that I’m changing and I’m not acting like myself and it hurts because i know I’m not and they expect me to be happy because I’m young but I never feel like I’m enough. I always feel like a failure and sometimes i want to give up . And i try everyday to love the way I look but its so hard to pretend that im happy and carefree everyday.


  4. yoo this shit is fucked up how can i look back at the past when i am tired of the past and feel like dying because of the past


  5. Hello im a girl. Im 12 just 12. Im so tired i feel no reason to live. nothing to live for. But reading this brought tears to my eyes… I dont know yet if i will do it. I have already cut and hurt myself so what it a little more?


  6. Hi! I’m a girl. I’m 12 too, anonymous. Sometimes I feel like life would be better off if I were dead because of all the school drama and difficulties that I’ve been through in life so far. When I told someone about it a few days ago, for the very first time, they said that I was faking it. Faking depression and anxiety is messed up so I would never do that. I haven’t harmed myself physically but sometimes I picture myself committing suicide and it hurts.


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