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Mental Health Wellness Box

I’ve seen a lot of boxes over the past few weeks that people have created to help with their mental illness or self-harm. I think it’s a brilliant and unique idea as you have the ability to personalise the box to your own personality and needs. I wrote a little list of what I wanted to put into my box and made sure I included each of the 5 senses.


This lovely box was bought at Store Twenty One.

For touch, I included some play dough and my loving (very worn!) sheep stress ball. I wanted magic sand but mum said it would be too messy . Never mind. For smell, I’ve got two candle tartlets (vanilla and vanilla frosting flavoured!) and my beautiful dog Tia’s collar that still smells of her. For taste, I’ve got some little chew candies…taste was difficult for me but I’m giving it a try. For sight, I’ve got a personal photo and a teddy with Tia’s picture on it. I’m still stuck on sound…but for now I’ve got my little McDonalds minion toy that makes a lot of annoying noises :’)




If you’re having a hard time right now, I encourage you to start your own wellness box. You can include anything that provides you with comfort. All these things should hopefully help you and make you feel relaxed so that all your negative emotions and thoughts are taken away at that moment. Your box does not have to include an item for each of the senses but I wanted mine to.

Have a wonderful day, lovlies. One step at a time.

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