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Positive mindset, positive recovery

When you suffer with mental health problems, the ability to remain positive, calm and happy is an absolute battle every single day. However, I’ve learned that focusing on positive things does you so well during the day, helps relax you and allows you to carry about your day. Mental health problems have prevented me from doing things, and the negative mind-set controls me more often than I’d like to admit. Being happy and positive does not come natural to me and I struggle every morning just to think of something positive. Mental health is not black and white, its often grey. There is no handbook or guide, there is no instructions. You get given each morning like a puzzle to solve out.

This morning, I chose positive recovery. This morning, I chose happiness. This morning, I was strong. Often I don’t feel strong enough and the bad days currently outweigh the good, but this just allows me to appreciate the good days so much more.

I woke up exhausted as usual but the sun was shining behind the curtains and I longed to go out there and get some fresh air. I reluctantly got dressed and took a 20 minute walk around the area. I felt so refreshed, at peace, and my mind (for once) was completely free from thought. I then made it to my lecture at 1pm (such a miracle as my motivation skills are 0 most of the time) and straight after headed over to the gym for a good workout. Throughout the day there have been many moments where I have faltered. There’s been tears and there’s been laughter. I have struggled but today I lived.

I love you – yes you reading this – for breathing. You are so strong. It can be so hard to stay positive, but some days the positive will outweigh the negative.

Keep smiling, always.

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