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What Do You See? (A poem by me)

The poem below is something I wrote whilst inspired by the old man poem. It is adapted to relate to mental health.

Now tell me nurses, what do you see?

Why are you looking, looking at me?

Do you think I am crazy, blank, and unwise?

Unable to communicate, with distant eyes.

When you ask me questions, and you get no reply,

It’s like you think I don’t even try.

You think I don’t notice anything that goes on,

But I’m here, and I’m listening – I’m not gone.

I’m resistant but you continue to do as you will,

I sit here in hospital, the long day to fill.

What do you think nurses, what do you think?

I have a mental disorder and I’m beginning to sink?

I am ill, I know, but I am still me,

So now open your eyes, what do you see?

Sit here and listen as I begin to explain,

I’ll tell you, I have a lot to exclaim.

I’m a small baby sleeping in my mother’s arms,

As she rocks me to sleep I feel so calm.

I’m a chid now of eight with the world at my feet,

Looking around for new friends to meet.

I’m a teenager now and becoming withdrawn,

I don’t know why but I start to mourn.

I’m diagnosed with mental illness, still a child at heart,

Then from home to this hospital I depart.

I think of the years and all that I’ve known,

None of now is not my own.

All of the days and years gone too fast,

And I accept the fact that nothing can last.

Now tell me nurses, what do you see?

No longer a girl with distant eyes,

But a girl who was loved, vibrant and wise.

So now open your eyes nurses, what do you see?

Not a mental illness…no, just me.

[credit: wrote by me, inspired by the old man poem.]

Image taken in 2014, midst of Anorexia

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